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Expanding Dining Areas

Custom Flooring

  • Elevate the look of outdoor spaces
  • Custom sizing and turning options available
  • Use to level out uneven surfaces
  • Add Amalfi Fencing or lattice to enclose the space and some market umbrella finish look

Free Standing Barriers

  • Bike Racks can be linked together and have custom colors available at an additional cost
  • Amalfi walls are 8' tall and can be used to create separated, more private dining areas
  • Hedge walls can be used to elevate outdoor spaces and are available in short or tall selections
  • Add market umbrellas for shade as needed

Tenting Capabilities

Covered Outdoor Seating Tents

  • Available in a variety of lengths and widths
  • AVAC units can be used to regulate temperature
  • Allows additional space to increase capacity while maintaining social distancing
  • Flooring options available at an additional cost
  • Can be anchored either with concrete ballast or staked if tent location permits

COVID-19 Solutions

Portable Hand Sanitizing Stations

Package Includes:
  • Branded Stand with Graphics
  • Automatic No Touch Dispenser
  • 24 oz. Sanitizer Pack
  • Drip Tray - Refills Available at an additional cost *Sale Item Only - Discount does not apply

COVID-19 Signage and Protection AIDS

  • Use to show vital instructions or information
  • Create lines to enter spaces or barriers with rope and stanchion options
  • Use Anti-viral film on ATMs, tables, or any surface