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Posted 11/8/2016

Fall is in full-swing! The holidays are here! That means tons of events and even more to-die-for trends! Here is what we are currently loving…


The essential metallic element for any season! Gold touches Gold Beaded Chargers and Gold Flatware elevate your event with that have-to-have glam look!


Geodes and crystals catch and project sparkling light and pair perfectly with our specialty china and Parisian Glassware!

Bold Colors

Event décor with bold lines, deep colors, and varied textures energizes and excites! Striped Linens and Black Vineyard Chairs make a bold statement for your tablescape.

Organic Elements

Natural elements are a must this time of year. From pumpkins and pinecones to wreaths and trees, the holidays are all about bringing the outside, in! Compliment your beautiful organic décor with our Farmhouse Tables and Natural Oak Vineyard Chairs. Standing Hedges provide a unique way to add a natural touch to your venue location. 

Mirrored Effect

From chargers to side tables, lighting to tablescape decor, mirrored surfaces add romance and reflect light to make your next event truly glow! 

Contact us today to see how we can help incorporate these beautiful design trends into your next event!

Photo Credit:

Gold: Brian Leahy Photography

Boho: Nicole Leever Photography

Bold Colors: Brian Leahy Photography

Organic Touches: Ali Mea Photo & Brian Leahy Photography

Mirrored Effect: Steve Cowell Photo