Lights, Canopy, Action!

Posted 7/31/2018

Nothing says summer like a night under the stars and we're going Lights, Canopy, Action on this backyard movie night!

Our Hedge Walls are the perfect backdrop for any outdoor event and can also help provide a bit of privacy. Add a touch of Hollywood flair with some Marquee Lights and our Partial Fabric Canopy.

Forget those uncomfortable beach chairs and cozy up on our Charme Leather Collection, available in black and tan!

Can't forget the treats!  Make your own movie-style popcorn with one of our Popcorn Machines! Then load up all your favorite snacks on our Marble Coffee Table

The last few nights of summer are upon us, but there's still time to host your own show-stopping event! Contact us today!


Photography Credit:

Steve Cowell Photography