Chargers for Any Event Style!

Posted 8/2/2016

Every event is unique and special, but it all comes down to your event’s style! Is your event casual or does it have Boho chic flair? Does it scream glitz and glam or is your event the epitome of classic elegance? No matter the style, we have the perfect chargers for every tablescape you create! 

Our Versailles Maison Round Dinner Plate Charger makes a perfect place setting! 

Add the chic to your Boho tablesetting with Silver Glitter Glass Chargers

Gold Rim Clear Glass Chargers amplify a glam tablescape! 

Enhance an elegant affair with Clear Glass Plate Chargers with a Gold Beaded Rim. To add another element to your design, try layering it on top of a Glass Copper Plate Charger



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Photo Credit:

Casual: Rhianna for Anna Delores Photography

Boho Chic: Steve Cowell Photography

Glitz & Glam: Kaysha Weiner Photographer

Classic Elegance: Steve Cowell Photography