Another Great Review!

Posted 6/28/2019
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I am a manager for a medical office. We were putting together a last minute work event. They were the 3rd business on the google list. I called the first 2 places, all with great customer service but not willing to travel. We only needed 5 cocktail tables/linens so most event places will not deliver to you for such a small amount of items. After calling Signature I spoke with Ursula, who let me just tell you had the most amazing and perfect customer service. I have never dealt with someone so nice and sweet as she was. She sent me photos, sizes and prices of everything via email. We never even had to leave our office for anything. We paid online, signed the contract and within the next 2 days we had everything we needed delivered to our office, they set it up and the next day it was picked up. The easiest and most convenient part of the planning, and working with Ursula was the best part of it all. Needless to say our event came out perfect and the tables and linen were amazing. I have no complaints at all and I highly recommend this place to anyone. Ursula is A1, people like that are so hard to find that company is very lucky. Thank you.


Haley M.