Troubleshooting with Heaters

Orange County's Emergency After Hours Pager:(714)301-0709

Indio's Emergency After Hours Pager:(760) 883-4357

To Light Pilot
Rotate control knob to "Pilot" position. Firmly depress knob for 30 seconds while depress the red button spark ignition devise on side of heater. Pilot should remain lit. If heater is equipped with lighting pilot hole, light through 1/2inch diameter ligthing hole above control. Pilot should remain lit.

Note: allow 5 to 10 minutes to purge air through pilot after turning on propane tank.

To Turn Heater On
Turn control knob to "On" Position.

To Turn Heater and Pilot "Off"
Turn knob to "Pilot" position. Depress slightly and turn to "Off" position. Wait 5 minutes after complete shutoff of heater before relighting pilot. Turn "Off" gas tank when heater is not in use.

Warning:These tank are equipped with a pressure release valve which allows gas to escape in the event pressure increases due to temperature.(Questions or concernes please contact Siganture Party Rentals)