Santa Ana
Signature Party Rentals: Santa Ana
3100 S. Susan Street
Santa Ana, CA 92704
Tel: (714) 545-6777
Fax: (714) 545-9713
Desert Cities
Signature Party Rentals: Indio
82-689 Avenue 45, Ste A
Indio, CA 92201
Tel: (760) 863-0671
Fax: (760) 683-3018
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For Emergencies please call: (800) 698-8154

Staff Directory:

Indio Location:

Scott Tamme - General Manager
Jose Mendoza - Operations Manager
Carole-Sue Sturtevant - Accounting Manager
Elena Estrada-Galvez - Customer Service Representative
Giovanna Samaniego - Customer Service Representative
Ursula Figueroa - Customer Service Representative
Kathy Taylor - Outside Sales Consultant
Linda Jenkins - Outside Sales Consultant
Stephanie Knight - Outside Sales Consultant
Warren Taylor - Project Manager

Orange County Location:

Robert Bates - Office Manager
Carole-Sue Sturtevant - Accounting Manager
Jason Davis - General Manager
Stan Tamme - Inventory Manager
Danielle Reinach - Customer Service Representative
Jonathan Esguerra - Customer Service Representative
Pablo Perez - Customer Service Representative
Tomomi Nakamura - Customer Service Representative
Lindsey Shiroma - Inside Sales Consultant (Assistant to Corie Lovelace)
Lidan Rodriquez - Inside Sales Consultant (Assistant to Danny Lima)
Brittny Ulate - Inside Sales Consultant (Assistant to Matt Kendrick & Tricia Werner)
Nancy Guzman - Inside Sales Consultant (Assistant to Kara Plummer)
Perrin Chamberlin - Inside Sales Consultant (Assistant to Heather Harden)
Eddie Canales - Inside Sales Consultant (Assistant to Roberta Budnick)
Monique Eden - Inside Sales Consultant (Assistant to Diane Cardenas)
Glynn Guerra - Inside Sales Consultant (Assistant to Stacy Kobzeff)
Diane Cardenas - Outside Sales Consultant
Danny Lima - Outside Sales Consultant
Nancy Lorraine - Outside Sales Consultant
Roberta Budnick - Outside Sales Consultant
Corie Lovelace - Outside Sales Consultant
Stacy Kobzeff - Outside Sales Consultant
Kara Plummer - Outside Sales Consultant
Matt Kendrick - Outside Sales Consultant
Tricia Werner - Outside Sales Consultant
Heather Harden - Outside Sales Consultant
Roger Janke - Outside Sales Consultant
Barbie Rissel - Production Assistant
Justin Smith -Production Assistant
Diane Tran -Production Assistant
Enrique Guerrero - Inventory
Joaquin Moreno Jr. - Inventory
Patty Sykes - Accounts Payable